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About us

Quick Stix
manufacturing was started because of a need to find a safer, faster, more accurate way to cut logs to firewood length. Quick Stix product was developed thru 4 years of testing. We have what we believe to be the simplest, most user-friendly product for cutting firewood. We have all had those times when you fill your stove and you have that one stubborn piece of wood that is too big, the door won't close, smoke is rolling through the house. Those times are gone thanks to Quick Stix. Many people were involved in the testing of our product and I have yet to have one complaint or problem. Some people use the bar, some use a tape others use a stick. After you try Quick Stix I think you’ll agree that there is nothing easier, safer or more accurate than Quick Stix.  We all have better things to do. So do it once, do it right, do it with Quick Stix.





I have been cutting wood for over 10 years for myself and to sell. My problems have been cutting it to the various sizes required by my customers. Then I tried Quick Stix, now I have no problems meeting my needs or the needs of my customers. It saves a great deal of time, which means more time to do things with my family. I love this product and would never go back to the old way. If you cut wood for your home use or for profit you need this product. Quick Stix is the way to go.

Chris, NY

I have been cutting firewood for 20 to 25 years. Every year the same problem arises, some of the wood is too big to fit in my woodstove. This means digging burning wood back out from the stove and causing the room to fill with smoke, which means a new paint job on the ceiling in the spring. Since I have been using Quick Stix these problems have vanished. My wood all fits, not to mention the cutting time I save. Who would have thought that cutting wood to the right length could be so easy. I believe this product is a must have for anyone who wants to get the most out of their wood stove and save time in the process. Give it a try and I think you’ll agree that Quick Stix is the easiest way to cut your firewood.

Ralph, NY

After being out of the wood business for about 15 years I recently started cutting wood again. I tried this new product called Quick Stix and could not believe the time it saved me. No more measuring the log before I cut. I highly recommend this product for all wood cutters. 

Dave, NY

Quick Stix Manufacturing, LLC
PO Box 601, Oneonta, NY 13820
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